Welcome to the photographic portfolio for Owen Clutton Gardens.

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My 'flagship' garden is that of The Salehurst Halt which is a fantastic public house at Salehurst, Robertsbridge, East Sussex.

I am proud to present a selection of some garden development projects undertaken over the past few years. I want to develop or look after interesting gardens imaginatively and skilfully. I am a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable plantsman. I work alone most of the time but with hired assistance if necessary. I also undertake restoration and careful clearance of overgrown gardens or areas within them, which often then leads to further work. I can deal with some types of estate work.

While I have constructed many whole or part gardens using a variety of materials, these days I am more interested in smaller projects and preferably working with real stone, not artificial concrete-based materials. I am not interested in 'competitive quoting'- i.e. to see who is the cheapest. The two biggest projects in this portfolio were further jobs for returning clients who I know personally and obviously none of these jobs were 'cheap'.

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The Salehurst Halt Inn, Salehurst, Robertsbridge, East Sussex:
The redesign & construction of the garden & its ongoing work.
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Plants, Gardening and Landscape Projects



Very large crazy paving & features in the grounds of
a magnificent country house.

Small garden redevelopment & terrace to be shared
among residents of three flats.

Conversion of a useless sloping rear garden into
a two tier deck with raised bed behind.

Small, 'fun', redevelopment of a house
approach and garden.


Complete development of a garden from a
blank canvas over a period of years.

Total reconstruction of a small garden in stages over
several years, mainly using York stone.


Design & construction of a new terrace with a complete
new garden, following building work.


Extensive garden work including massive hardwood deck and later paving and steps


My biggest ever job- complete construction of a whole new
garden with many interesting features.

A small garden for an older person altered for better
access and a small terrace.


Complete redesign & construction of a front garden with
numerous structures and rear garden new lawn.

New terrace, steps and walling to renew a previously
overgrown and unusable garden.


Pond with waterfall and general garden makeover

Construction of new terrace, trellises, paths and
returfing of altered lawns, tree seat.



Large York stone terrace to replace former driveway,
along with various ancillary features.

Total garden reconstruction following building work:
walling, paths, steps, lawn, terrace etc.


A new terrace to replace the older smaller one.

A selection of single pictures of other, miscellaneous projects.


Clearance and machine work: why and how diggers and
other machines are used extensively.

Owen Clutton Gardens-
A summary of the business and its owner.





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